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29 Dec,2019
What are Clinical Trials? Category: Health Care

Clinical trials are a type of medical research involving people. There are two main types of medical research: observational studies and clinical trials. Observational studies involve the observation of a group of people in normal settings over time. The goal is to monitor a specific risk factor, diagnostic test, treatment, or other intervention and its overall effect on health. Researchers gather information, group volunteers according to broad characteristics, and compare changes over time. For example, researchers may collect data through medical exams, tests, and/or questionnaires to learn more about the effects of smoking on the development of lung cancer over time. These studies may help identify new possibilities for clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies performed in people. These studies are aimed at evaluating a specific medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions. They are the primary way that researchers find out if a new treatment, such as a new medication, diet, or medical device is safe and effective in people. Clinical trials are often used to determine if new treatments are more effective and/or have less harmful side effects than the current standard treatment. Clinical trials pioneer medical advancement through: - Promising new therapies - Important discoveries - Advances in treatment - Groundbreaking possibilities Through medical research, physicians can discover new ways to improve treatments and the quality of life for patients..

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