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21 Apr,2020
Why Clinical Trials Are So Important Category: Health Care

The results from this trial were positive, and it is likely that these observations open the door for further research on the abscopal properties of Fresolimumab. Going into the trial, researchers will not have known the effects of the drug and so this encouraging result will give researchers more momentum to further test its capabilities. In time it is hoped that this new drug can improve survival rates for stage 4 breast cancer patients across the world. Many patients struggle with entering clinical trials due to the fact that they are testing drugs for the very first time without knowing what the potential side effects could be. However, without trials, there would be a much narrower range of effective treatment for a whole host of diseases. In fact, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of people still alive today because they took part in a clinical trial of a new and more effective drug. According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 1,000 potential medicines are tested before one makes it to the clinical trial phase. They must all first be discovered, purified, and tested in pre-clinical trials before they can even be considered. With regards to breast cancer it takes an average of 6 years of testing before a medicine or a drug is considered for clinical trials. Therefore, despite the fact that clinical trials are often the first test of a drug’s performance, there are already indicative results of how it should perform in the human body, which helps to allay any fears patients may have. The Modern Trials team is here for you. Contact us today or register. We are a patient first clinical trial matching-making team..

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