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Find the best match for your trial;
Physicians and patients. Our community
building, patient first approach ensures
more qualified and motivated candidates
are found for clinical trials.

Recruiting through ModernTrials is unique and provides valuable insight into the patient experience and how this can be improved for better trial adherence and commitment. Community members will leave reviews on trial sites, interactions with physicians and CRO groups to help us better understand their needs and thus the needs of the market. They will also be able to discuss their aspirations and Moderns for a trial through our online support groups.

Want to decentralize your clinical trial? We will provide you with physicians that are interested in becoming PI’s.

Modern Trials ultimate goal is better, safer and faster trials through understanding the patient and reducing the costs for pharma and life science partners. Data mining models can help predict all aspects of who is the best match for a trial.

The services Modern Trials provides will always be free of charge to the patient. Please Register or E-Mail us if you are interested in becoming a life-science partner.

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