Clinical Trials

NCT IdNCT04107064
TitleAchieving Steady Work Among Adults With Autism Through Specialized Employment Program
ConditionAutism Spectrum Disorder
OrganizationStanford University
Sponsor/CollaboratorsLawrence Fung
Location (with distance)
  • Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, 94304 , United States
DescriptionIndividuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have significantly higher levels of unemployment and underemployment compared to their typically developing peers and all other groups with neurodevelopmental disorders, even though major companies that have employed and trained young people with ASD acclaim their significant innovations in their companies. The investigators hope to examine the effects of specialized employment support programs, over current traditional vocational rehabilitation approaches, for adults with ASD on their ability to maintain steady employment and overall benefit to the organizations at which they will be employed. The investigators predict that Stanford University's Neurodiversity at Work (NaW) Program will improve employment outcomes and positively impact the overall quality of life of individuals with ASD in this program. The investigators hope that the findings of the study will lead to the advancement of programs aimed to support individuals with ASD.