Clinical Trials

NCT IdNCT04871932
TitleCOVID-2019 Vaccine Immune Response Base on Single Cell Multi-Omics
ConditionImmune System and Related Disorders
OrganizationRenJi Hospital
Sponsor/CollaboratorsRenJi Hospital
Location (with distance)
  • Cardiology, Ren Ji Hospital, Shanghai, China
DescriptionIn recent years, single-cell high-throughput sequencing technology has developed rapidly and is widely used in research related to the immune system, breaking traditional cognition and gaining a new understanding of immune cell classification. In particular, the emerging single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) provides new ideas for the study of cell heterogeneity in multicellular organisms. Analyzing the changes in the expression profile of the cell transcriptome at the single-cell level can clearly show the changes in the trajectory of individual cells, reveal new cell types, and discover the potential functions of immune cells. Therefore, this study intends to recruit healthy adults and use multi-omics techniques such as single-cell sequencing to systematically classify the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of healthy adults to provide a basis for further disease-related research.