Clinical Trials

NCT IdNCT04107246
TitleData Collection of Therapeutic Compliance in Patients Receiving Corneal Graft Using a Collection Box for Corticosteroid Eye Drops
ConditionCorneal Graft Disorder (Disorder)
OrganizationCentre Hospitalier Universitaire de Saint Etienne
Sponsor/CollaboratorsCentre Hospitalier Universitaire de Saint Etienne
Older Adult
Location (with distance)
  • CHU de Saint Etienne, Saint Etienne, 42055 , France
DescriptionFollowing corneal graft, local steroids with a gradually decreasing dose for 12 months are prescribed to reduce the graft rejection risk (maximum incidence of 20% for the first 12 months). The validated KaliJAR® device is a box for single-dose eye drops collection. This innovative tool will make it possible to objectify the compliance of patients with a corneal graft. Unlike the field of glaucoma, no specific compliance data are available for corneal grafts, although it is important because graft rejection is the most important cause of corneal graft failure.