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NCT IdNCT04106999
TitleDexmedetomidine and HIPEC
OrganizationUniversity of British Columbia
Sponsor/CollaboratorsUniversity of British Columbia
StatusNot yet recruiting
Older Adult
Location (with distance)
  • UBC/Medicine, Faculty of/Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Vancouver, V5Z 1L8 , Canada
DescriptionInflammation is associated with an increased risk of cancer recurrence. Various methods have been used to decrease the inflammatory response induced by the cancer and surgery. In this study we would like determine if a commonly used sedative drug (dexmedtomidine) has an impact on this inflammatory state when used as part of the anesthetic. We will conduct a pilot study with 20 patients undergoing a Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) procedure as part of their cancer treatment. 10 patients will receive the standard of care for anesthesia during the cancer surgery and a placebo infusion of normal saline at a rate consistent to that of the study drug. 10 additional patients will receive the same standard of care anesthetic plan with the addition of an infusion of dexmeditomidine during the procedure. We will measure the degree of inflammation before, during and after the surgical procedure by looking at the levels of inflammatory markers in blood samples. The goal is to determine if the addition of dexmodtomidine affects the inflammatory state of patients undergoing a HIPEC procedure. This information will be used to guide future studies aiming at decreasing cancer recurrence and improve patient outcomes.