Clinical Trials

NCT IdNCT04107129
TitleEndometrial Biopsy Biomarkers for Prediction of IVF Outcomes
ConditionInfertility, Female
OrganizationStanford University
Sponsor/CollaboratorsStanford University
StatusNot yet recruiting
Location (with distance)
  • Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Health, Sunnyvale, 94087 , United States
DescriptionThe purpose of this study is to understand why some women are infertile (unable to conceive a child). The investigators hope to learn if an endometrial biopsy after egg retrieval is feasible for detecting biomarkers for endometriosis and predicting implantation and pregnancy rate after embryo transfer. This study design will provide for the first time, an opportunity to compare endometrial biopsy material from hyperstimulated (gonadotropin treated) subjects after egg retrieval. If successful, it would provide a new protocol for women with unexplained infertility or those with known endometriosis to avoid poor IVF outcomes.