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NCT IdNCT04833933
TitleImpact of Primary Care COPD Screening Strategies on the Smoking Cessation Process (DISCO-SET)
ConditionSmoking Cessation
OrganizationRennes University Hospital
Sponsor/CollaboratorsRennes University Hospital
StatusNot yet recruiting
Older Adult
Location (with distance)
  • Béatrice NEGARET, Breteil, 35160 , France
  • Emmanuelle FOURE-AMELOT, Bédée, 35137 , France
  • Lucie DELATTE, Janzé, 35150 , France
  • Marie BROSSET, Miniac-Morvan, 35540 , France
  • Antoine MOUTEL, Redon, 35600 , France
  • Anna JARNO-JOSSE, Rennes, 35000 , France
  • Hoël CHARBONNEL, Rennes, 35000 , France
  • Romain NIFENECKER, Rennes, 35000 , France
  • Jean-Philippe DUGUEY, Saint-Malo, 35400 , France
  • Laurent LENOBLE, Sulniac, 56250 , France
  • Lucie MURGALE, Talensac, 35160 , France
  • Marieke SALACROUP, Tremblay, 35460 , France
DescriptionThe general practitioner is confronted with unselected smokers whose attempts to quit smoking are often repeated over time before leading to a definitive cessation. Each year, 3-5% of smokers succeed in quitting in the general population. The corollary is that the majority of smokers are in a situation of failure in their attempt to quit: 33% declared during the 2019 French Health Barometer to have made an attempt of at least 7 days in the past year. Thus, this status of "smoker" can cover a wide variety of situations: no attempt to stop smoking, attempt(s) of more or less clinical significance, previous support or not by a health professional, etc. Currently, the HAS recommendations do not determine a specific course of action for these smokers, whose experiences may be very different. It could therefore be interesting to objectivize the smoking cessation process of these patients who have or have not succeeded in quitting, in order to deduce profiles of smokers according to their previous smoking cessation experiences. Furthermore, the choice and relevance of the cessation criteria used are debated. Following the randomized controlled trial DISCO on COPD screening interventions in primary care (3 intervention arms, 1 control arm), we will carry out a pilot cross-sectional survey on the cessation process of smokers during the 2 years following their participation, evaluating the incidence and modalities of cessation attempts of smokers belonging to an age group at risk of COPD (40-80 years) and who initially consulted their general practitioner for any reason 2 years ago at the time of their inclusion. The impact on future management could be the personalization of cessation advice given to smokers according to quantitative and qualitative indicators specific to their experience, their previous history of smoking cessation, their health situation and socio-demographic characteristics. Eventually, a gradation of the levels of support offered to patients in general practice on the basis of predictive factors of smoking cessation could be studied. We hypothesize that participation in COPD screening with the GP may be associated with patient progress in quitting smoking. This pilot study will be conducted on a random sample of 120 patients from the subgroup of 544 patients who were smokers at inclusion in DISCO.