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Some time ago, Dr. Alex Logsdon (Co-Founder) approached Dr. Chris Ochner (Co-Founder) with the call to action for Modern Trials.  Alex shared his experience as a practicing clinician with many patients desperately seeking, but unable to find, appropriate clinical trial opportunities.

Having spent his career on the clinical trial administration end, Chris’s perspective was that of desperately seeking patients to fill trials so he assumed the opportunity was there for the taking and failed to recognize the need that Alex described.

About nine months later, Chris had the unfortunate opportunity to experience what Alex had described from the patient perspective after his mother, Mae, was diagnosed with a stage IV glioma. Chris tried desperately to find an appropriate clinical trial for her…

Despite 20 years of experience and many friends in the industry, Chris was unable to find an appropriate trial for his mother and he came to the startling realization that there exists no way for patients in need to gain access to appropriate clinical trial opportunities.  Immediately after his mother’s passing, Chris circled back with Alex and said; “you were right, this system is broken and we need to fix it.”

After countless hours working through a modernized process flow with regulatory experts, legal counsel and consultants, Modern Trials was born.  From that moment forward, Modern Trials has been driven by the mission to provide the opportunity for a longer and better life to every patient in need.