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Modern Trials & InterSystems: Pioneering Patient Access to Clinical Trials

InterSystems has joined Modern Trials in its pursuit to serve Healthcare organizations and their patients by bringing opportunities to access advanced therapeutics to patients in need by presenting relevant clinical trial opportunities directly to patients who have been pre-screened to meet eligibility criteria.

In doing so, Modern Trials and InterSystems together extend the ability of Healthcare organizations and physicians to offer the most cutting-edge treatments available while bringing potentially life-saving therapeutics to patients in need.

In 2022, InterSystems became a pivotal supporter of Modern Trials, providing a grant, access to their technology and comprehensive support to ensure mastery of the InterSystems technology ecosystem.

The InterSystems IRIS for Health platform allows Modern Trials to ingest large amounts of EHR data from disparate sources in disparate forms and make this data interoperable identify and present patients from various healthcare systems with clinical trial opportunities tailored to their unique profiles, democratizing access to advanced therapeutics.

In 2023, this collaboration deepened as InterSystems equipped Modern Trials’ engineers with advanced training, transforming them into experts in utilizing and customizing the InterSystems technology to meet our specific needs. This phase also saw InterSystems provide additional financial support and expertise to publicly promote the collaboration between Modern Trials and InterSystems.

This partnership has also driven advancements in the IRIS for Health platform, helping to optimize it for Life Science customers. This synergy aids in aggregating relevant EHR data more effectively, streamlining the pre-screening process for patients for clinical trial eligibility.

In 2024, InterSystems began introducing Modern Trials to clients within its HealthShare network, bringing additional revenue and the ability to better serve patients, particularly high-value patients, to healthcare organizations throughout the US.

For healthcare systems utilizing InterSystems’ HealthShare, partnering with Modern Trials offers a unique opportunity to serve your patients more effectively without removing any data from the InterSystems network.

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Managing more than 1B patient record transactions every day, InterSystems is the single most trusted organization with electronic health record data in the world.
Powering systems such as Epic and the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs, InterSystems has been the information engine driving the world’s most important applications in healthcare since the 1970’s
InterSystems IRIS for Health powers the Modern Trials platform, enabling us to optimize electronic health record data so that patients most likely to benefit from access to advanced therapeutics can be identified and presented with appropriate clinical trial opportunities in a compliant and frictionless manner.
Additional Contributing Organizations and Subcontractors:
Subcontractors provide services to Modern Trials as a Business Associate, as defined in 45 CFR § 160.103. They are bound by legal agreements to uphold the same level of privacy and security as is Modern Trials.
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