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Modern Trials extends the ability of Healthcare Organizations to offer the most cutting-edge treatments available to their patients, while increasing revenue with no overhead
Better Serve High-Value Patients
Modern Trials enables healthcare organization partners to better serve and retain high-value patients in final years of life, when most healthcare expenditure occurs.
Improve Patient Care
Modern Trials provides healthcare organization partners the ability to offer additional treatment options to patients in need.
Improve Patient Perception
Modern Trials enables healthcare organization partners to provide access to the most advanced therapeutics available, allowing patients to accurately view your organization as being on the cutting-edge of medical technology.
Increase Enrollment
Modern Trials provides healthcare organization partners with tools to significantly increase enrollment for competitive trial site contracts.
Create Revenue
Profit sharing allows Modern Trials to pay its healthcare organization partners to provide better serve its patients, better retain high-value patients and earn more from competitive trial site contracts, all with no overhead.
Access the Trial Recruitment Toolbox™
Modern Trials provides integrated tools for trial recruitment to maximize efficiency and minimize liability. Healthcare organization partners receive access to the Trial Recruitment Toolbox™, a custom-built platform for managing each step in the process of trial participant screening and enrollment.
Leverage Your Own EHR Data
Modern Trials provides a user interface through which healthcare organization partners can use their own EHR data to prescreen clinical trial candidates and to conduct feasibility analyses for trial site bids.
Access Screening Services
Modern Trials offers prescreened patient outreach, live screening, source document collection by trained research nurses.