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Our mission is to provide the opportunity for a longer and better life to every patient in need

Clinical Trial Candidate Identification

Modern Trials partners with healthcare organizations

and leverages EHR data to identify patients in need

of advanced treatment options, and match them

with appropriate clinical trial opportunities

in a patient-first and HIPAA compliant manner

Screening, Referral & Support
Warm handoffs are used to refer qualified patients to contract research organizations for trial enrollment on a fee-for-service basis and ongoing support is provided to patients through trial participation
Access to Cutting-Edge Therapeutics

Modern Trials extends the ability of healthcare organizations to

offer the most cutting-edge treatments available and bring

potentially life-saving therapeutics to patients in need

Customer Care & Benefit
Modern Trials helps life science organizations reduce costs and increase revenue by referring only double-screened and motivated candidates for clinical trial enrollment, increasing sample representativeness through proprietary algorithms and culturally aligned patient engagement, and reducing dropout rates by providing continued support to patients through trial participation.